1125 Held, Rs134.9m Fine Imposed as Pakistan Continues Crackdown Against Electricity Thieves

Mon Sep 18 2023
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FAISALABAD: The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has caught 1125 electricity thieves during twelve days of anti-power-theft operation in the region. 

FESCO spokesman Tahir Sheikh said on Monday that the anti-theft operation was in full swing across the region, and the special teams detected theft of electricity at 1125 points during the last twelve days. Hence, the FIRs were registered against 885 thieves. 

The company also removed the electricity supply meters of all power thieves in addition to imposing a total fine of 134.9 million rupees under detection units of 3.2 million. As many as seventy-one power pilferers were sent to jails in addition to recovering 25.9 million rupees so far from them, he added. 

Providing more details, the spokesman said that during house-to-house checking, the FESCO teams detected power theft at 418 points in Faisalabad district and imposed a fine of 52.3 million rupees on them under the head of 1.25 million detection units. 

In Bhakkar district, the FESCO teams caught 113 electricity thieves and imposed a fine of 14.2 million rupees under 300,000 detection units.

Likewise, 125 cases of electricity theft were detected in the Chiniot district, and the company handed down the power thieves with a fine of 9.446 million rupees under 317,000 detection units. 

He said that 114 electricity thieves were caught from district Jhang, and they have imposed a fine of 16.6 million rupees under 521,000 detection units. 

In Khushab district, thirty-six consumers were found involved in electricity theft, and they were handed down with a fine of 4.1 million rupees for 82,000 detection units. 

Electricity Thieves Caught in Mianwali

The FESCO teams also caught one hundred power pilferers from Mianwali, and they were fined with 8 million rupees for 186,000 detection units. 

In Sargodha district, 134 cases of electricity theft were detected. Hence, a fine of 16 million rupees was imposed on the electricity thieves under 324,000 detection units. 

The FESCO teams also caught seventy-four electricity thieves from the Toba Tek Singh district. Therefore, the company imposed a fine of 8 million rupees for 212,000 detection units, the spokesman added.

He added that the anti-theft teams detected power pilferage at 111 sites during the past twenty-four hours and imposed a total fine of 11 million rupees on the accused under 256,000 detection units besides detaching all electricity supply connections of the thieves.

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