14 Workers Die in Gold Mine Collapse in Sudan

Sat Apr 01 2023
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KHARTOUM: Sudanese authorities on Saturday reported the death of at least 14 workers in the collapse of a gold mine north of the country.

Gold mining in Sudan has been a crucial source of foreign revenue for the country. However, the industry is plagued by frequent accidents and deaths due to the use of old equipment and poor safety measures.

In the latest tragedy, 14 workers died when a gold mine collapsed in Wadi Halfa, located in northern Sudan.

According to a security official cited by the state news agency SUNA, the bodies of four workers were recovered on Saturday, while nearly 20 trapped workers were rescued from the mine.

Witnesses cited the use of heavy machinery by the workers as the reason for the mine collapse on Thursday.

Safety measures at Sudan’s gold mines

The incident has highlighted the urgent need for better safety measures in Sudan’s gold mining industry. Despite being a major gold producer, nearly two million Sudanese illegally work in the sector and produce around 80% of the country’s gold production. The Sudanese government has been making efforts to regulate the industry and curb illegal mining activities. In 2019, the country launched a gold-mining operation in Darfur, which was aimed at improving transparency and curbing smuggling.

The collapse of the gold mine in Wadi Halfa is a grim reminder of the risks that workers face in Sudan’s gold mining industry. The government must take immediate steps to improve safety measures and regulate the sector to prevent further accidents and loss of life.

The incident has caused widespread shock and grief among the families of the deceased workers and the local community. It is hoped that the authorities will take swift action to address the issues facing the gold mining industry in Sudan.

Nearly two million Sudanese illegally work in the sector of gold mining and produce around 80 percent of Sudan’s gold production.

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