20 Civilian Killed in Militant Attack in DR Congo

Tue Oct 24 2023
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BENI: At least 20 civilians were killed in a militant attack on the outskirts of Oicha, a town in Beni territory, North Kivu province in DR Congo, on Monday night.

The attack targeted innocent civilians, with victims including 12 minors and 14 adults, most of whom were killed with knives, AFP news agency reported, citing local sources. Mayor Nicolas Kikuku expressed the town’s grief, stating, “So far we have 20 bodies… tension is high, militants have once again plunged Oicha into mourning.”

Darius Syaira, the civil society representative of Beni territory, confirmed the incident, revealing that the bodies of the victims had been placed in the morgue of Oicha’s general hospital. He also highlighted the rising tensions in the town, where demonstrators, desperate for security, resorted to extreme measures. Syaira reported, “We do not need humanitarian aid, but we do want security,” as he explained the frustration of the residents, some of whom set fire to humanitarian vehicles preparing to distribute food.

Militant Attacks in DR Congo

This incident follows recent attacks, including the killing of a honeymooning couple and their safari guide in one of Uganda’s renowned national parks on October 17.

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Despite joint efforts by Uganda and DR Congo in 2021 to launch an offensive against militant groups and drive the militants out of their strongholds, the attacks have persisted, leaving communities in fear and mourning across the region.


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