5 Security Personnel Killed in Burkina Faso: Military Officials

Sun Sep 03 2023
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OUAGADOUGOU:  Military officials said on Saturday that four Burkina Faso army auxiliaries and a Burkinabe police personnel were killed in an attack in the centre of the country.

In a press statement, the country’s army general staff “After an attack against a VDP position in the area of Silmiougou,” police units were deployed as supports. The statement maintained that one police official and four VDPs were killed during the fighting in the area. The statement claimed that about ten terrorists were killed during the clashes in the region.

5 Security Personnel Killed Burkina Faso: Military Officials

In July, Burkina Faso’s transitional president, Captain Ibrahim Traore, who took power in a 2022 coup, lamented the “increasing attacks against the civilian” population, adding the militants were displaying “cowardice”.

The apparent motive for the two military coups in the African country in recent years was annoyance at failures to stem an insurgency since it spilled over from Mali in 2015.

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Over 16,000 civilians, security personnel and policemen have been killed in militant attacks, according to an NGO. Similarly, over two million people have also been displaced within the country, making it one of the worst domestic displacement crises in the region.

The Burkinabe military officials said in a separate statement on Saturday that ” Over 65 terrorists” were killed in the west of the country from August 7 to September 1.

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