919 Children Among 96,274 People Martyred by Indian Troops in 35 Years in Occupied Kashmir

Mon Nov 20 2023
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SRINAGAR, Occupied Kashmir: The Indian forces, through continuous acts of state terrorism and severe human rights violations, have tragically claimed the lives of 919 children over the past 35 years in Indian illegally-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

Kashmir, IIOJK, India, Martyr, Children

A report from the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, marking World Children’s Day, emphasized that these children represent the most grievous casualties of India’s unlawful control over Jammu and Kashmir. Among the 96,274 individuals martyred by troops, paramilitary, and police personnel since January 01, 1989, 919 were children. Additionally, the forces’ actions have orphaned 107,934 children in the occupied region.Kashmir, IIOJK, India, Martyr, Children

The report highlighted the harrowing injuries inflicted upon numerous civilians, including schoolboys and girls, by pellets fired during peaceful protests by Indian troops. It specifically cited cases like 19-month-old Hiba Jan, 4-year-old Zuhra Majeed, and others who lost their eyesight, both partially and completely, due to these actions.

Furthermore, it noted the alarming arrests of many schoolboys among thousands of Kashmiris since the military and police siege following India’s revocation of IIOJK’s special status in August 2019.

The report detailed the lasting trauma experienced by IIOJK’s children who have witnessed their loved ones being killed before their eyes, severely impacting their physical and psychological well-being.

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Advocating for global attention, the report urged the international community not to overlook the dire circumstances faced by the children of IIOJK. It demanded pressure on the Indian regime and its military and police establishment to fulfil their international obligations toward the promotion and protection of children’s rights in the region.

The report called upon conscientious individuals to amplify their voices in support of Kashmiri children’s rights, emphasizing that on World Children’s Day, the global community must remain vigilant and advocate for the children of IIOJK.

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