Action Against Illegal Commercial Use of Residential Buildings In G-13 And G-14 On the Page

Wed Dec 06 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) is gearing up to take action against the unauthorized commercial use of residential buildings in Sectors G-13 and G-14 of the federal capital.

According to sources within the FGEHA, notices have already been issued to property owners engaged in the illegal and unauthorized use of residential properties for commercial purposes in these sectors.

The move aligns with the regulations outlined in the Islamabad Capital Territory Building Control Regulation 2020, prompting the FGEHA to initiate legal proceedings against property owners found in violation of using residential buildings for commercial activities without proper authorization.

Sources further revealed that the authority has formally issued show-cause notices and warnings to these property owners, emphasizing the immediate cessation of non-conforming use of residential buildings. The FGEHA is set to take firm measures to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain the designated use of properties in the specified sectors.

Moreover, they said the authority had cautioned the property owners that failure to comply with the orders would result in a fine of Rs. 500,000 in addition to sealing such properties.

As per the latest update, it has been revealed that around 80 residential buildings in these sectors are being utilized for unauthorized and illegal commercial purposes. These include offices, schools, guest houses, beauty parlors, hostels, property offices, furniture showrooms, and other establishments.

Notably, in March 2023, the authority had initially issued notices addressing the illegal commercial usage of residential buildings. However, a recent warning has been issued, stressing the urgent need to cease commercial activities in residential areas.

Sources indicate that the authority is gearing up to take decisive actions against those violating regulations, aiming to ensure strict compliance with the prescribed rules and guidelines.  —APP



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