AFC Cup Match Moved to Thailand After Myanmar Team Denied Australia Visas

Mon Nov 27 2023
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SYDNEY: In a surprising turn of events, an AFC Cup match between Australia’s Macarthur and Myanmar’s Shan United has been shifted to BG Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

This decision comes after Australian officials denied visas to the Shan United team, citing reasons that remain undisclosed. The move has sparked intrigue, especially considering the historical context of human rights concerns associated with Myanmar’s military junta.

The match was initially slated to take place in Sydney, but Football Australia asserted that there was “no viable way of playing the game on Australian soil” due to the visa-related complications.

While specifics on the visa denials are yet to be clarified, human rights groups have previously raised alarms about potential connections between Shan United and Myanmar’s military junta.

This incident follows Macarthur’s controversial decision to play in Myanmar against official government advice back in October, a move that attracted criticism.

The AFC Cup relocation to Thailand underscores the complex dynamics surrounding international sports events and the broader geopolitical considerations that sometimes influence them.



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