Afghan Envoy Meets Chinese Foreign Ministry Official, Discuss Bilateral Cooperation

Sat Dec 23 2023
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BEIJING: The ambassador of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) in Beijing, Asadullah Bilal Karimi, held a meeting with Liu Jinsong, the Director-General of the Department of Asian Affairs at China’s Foreign Ministry. During the meeting, various issues, including the status of Afghan prisoners were discussed. The meeting delved into key areas of mutual interest between the two nations.

In a statement issued by the Afghan Embassy in Beijing, Ambassador Karimi underscored that security has been established throughout Afghanistan, creating favorable conditions for Chinese companies to invest in crucial sectors such as infrastructure, highways, and energy. Highlighting the potential of the Wakhan Corridor as a vital transit and trade route connecting the two countries, Karimi expressed optimism that collaborative efforts would expedite the opening of this route.

Moreover, Karimi conveyed the Islamic Emirate’s readiness to cooperate with the MCC company for the initiation of practical work on the Mes Aynak copper mine project.

Afghan Envoy Says Regional Security Linked with Afghanistan’s Stability

The envoy emphasized that regional security is interconnected with Afghanistan’s stability, and the Islamic Emirate prioritizes security, peace, and stability for both its nation and neighboring countries. Karimi asserted that the decades-long conflict in Afghanistan has concluded, bringing an end to issues such as drug addiction and corruption. He reassured that Afghanistan does not pose a threat, and the IEA is committed to preventing any potential threat.

Director-General Liu Jinsong reiterated China’s commitment to non-interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, respecting its national sovereignty. He acknowledged the IEA’s efforts in ensuring security and emphasized the importance of stable relations between China and Afghanistan. Liu pledged to encourage Chinese companies to invest in various sectors in Afghanistan and expressed hope that practical work on the Mes Aynak copper project would soon commence.

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