Afghanistan Conditions Participation in UN Meeting with Islamic Emirate’s Demands

Fri Feb 23 2024
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KABUL: Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs of Afghanistan, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, has made the Islamic Emirate’s participation in the second United Nations meeting in Doha on Afghanistan conditional on addressing Kabul’s demands.

Mawlavi Abdul Kabir called the recent decision by the United Nations to permit the Islamic Emirate’s participation in the second Doha meeting on Afghanistan, as “unfair.” He said that if the demands of the Islamic Emirate are recognized by the UN and other nations in future gatherings, the interim government will represent Afghanistan. These remarks were made during a graduation ceremony in Kabul on Thursday, as per a statement from the deputy PM’s office.

Kabir affirmed Afghanistan’s status as an independent nation and emphasized the Islamic Emirate’s legitimacy as a recognized Islamic system. He assured neighboring countries and the international community of the acting government’s commitment to pursuing economic and developmental cooperation through a balanced and moderate policy, emphasizing that Afghanistan poses no threat to any party.

Highlighting the ongoing efforts against drug trafficking and corruption, Kabir asserted that sustainable stability could only be achieved under the governance of the Islamic Emirate, a sentiment acknowledged by both Afghans and the international community.

The statement also noted that since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, Afghanistan’s national budget has been financed solely through internal revenues for the first time. In addition to funding civil administrations and development projects, expenses for the Islamic Army and security departments are also covered from the national budget.

The second meeting of special representatives regarding Afghanistan took place in Doha on Sunday and Monday of this week, with the Islamic Emirate’s delegation abstaining from participation.


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