ANF Seizes 233kgs of Drugs in 12 Countrywide Operations

Tue Nov 14 2023
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RAWALPINDI: Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) carried out a series of 12 operations nationwide, resulting in the confiscation of over 233 kgs of various drugs and the apprehension of six individuals involved in illicit drug activities.

The operations included the recovery of substances like ice, heroin, hashish, and opium. Notable instances include the interception of 900 grams of ice from a resident of Pishin and the discovery of 2 kg of hashish in the possession of a woman from Nowshera.

Additionally, 27 kg of opium, 103 kg of heroin, and 95 kg of morphine were also recovered in separate operations. The seized drugs were concealed for smuggling, and legal proceedings have been initiated under the Anti-Narcotics Act. These efforts underscore the commitment of law enforcement to curb drug trafficking, protect communities, and combat the harmful effects of narcotics.

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