Anti-Corruption Establishment Balochistan (ACEB) Boosts Institutional Collaboration

Thu Nov 16 2023
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ISLAMABAD: A delegation of senior officials from the Anti-corruption Establishment Balochistan (ACEB) recently paid a three-day study tour to key government agencies in Islamabad, including the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the Anti-Money Laundering Department (AMLD) of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), and the Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU).

According to a press release of ACEB on Thursday the institutional partnership and information-sharing efforts are part of the broader initiative – the “Strengthening Institutional Capacity of Anti-corruption Balochistan” project – implemented by Accountability Lab funded by the U.S. Embassy’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

Anti Corruption Establishment Balochistan ACEB Boosts Institutional Collaboration 1

The primary objectives of this study visit were to enhance institutional ties, boost inter-agency cooperation, and facilitate the exchange of vital information between ACEB and other law enforcement stakeholders combating corruption and financial crimes in Pakistan. The visit included comprehensive briefings on organizational structures and legislative frameworks, giving vital insights into the operations of these institutions.

During the tour discussions took place on the establishment of a Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) at ACE Balochistan (ACEB). ACEB officials engaged in dialogue with their counterparts at FIA, SECP, and FMU to learn from their best practices and experiences in the area of financial investigations. The project aims to setup a FIU at ACEB according to the international standards and leverages the expertise gained from these study visits.

Mr. Kamran Bashir, Deputy Director, Investigation at ACEB said that the study visit and potential collaborations would prove to be a major step in commitment to combating corruption effectively.

Anti Corruption Establishment Balochistan ACEB Boosts Institutional Collaboration 2

The conversations regarding cooperation with FIA, SECP, and FMU are not only about enhancing collaboration but also about learning and adopting the best practices that have proven successful for sister organizations.

He further thanked the funding support received from INL and technical assistance received from Accountability Lab to boost ACEB’s capacity to combat financial crimes.

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