APHC Seeks World Play its Role for Release of Detainees in Occupied Kashmir

Fri Dec 01 2023
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SRINAGAR, Occupied Kashmir: The All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) is urging the international community to intervene for the immediate release of Kashmiri detainees held in various prisons across India and in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The APHC spokesperson expressed concerns over alleged false charges leading to the imprisonment of thousands of Kashmiris and condemned what they referred to as continued Indian state terrorism and killings in the region.

The statement highlighted alleged violations of human rights and international law by Indian army, paramilitary, and police personnel, accusing them of killing innocent Kashmiris for promotions and rewards. The APHC called on the United Nations and other international human rights organizations to send a joint team to investigate the situation and conditions of illegally detained Hurriyat leaders and activists in the region.

Meanwhile, APHC leader Advocate Devendar Singh Behl criticized India, labeling it as a so-called democratic country and claiming that minorities and non-Hindu religions are not safe within its borders. He accused Hindutva preachers of attacking minority religions and expressed concern about the safety of Muslims, particularly under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

The statement also condemned acts perceived as insulting to the Prophet of Islam, accusing extremists supported by the Indian government of deliberately hurting Muslim sentiments. APHC leaders Fayaz Hussain Jafari and Syed Sibte Shabbir Qummi emphasized the importance of respecting the honor of the Prophet and warned against any insult that could provoke Muslims.

Israr Ahmed, Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Pir Panjal Freedom Movement, accused the Indian government of playing with the sentiments of Muslims in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and supporting individuals who insult the Prophet Muhammad. APHC leader Mushtaq Hussain Gilani in Islamabad reiterated that derogatory videos and remarks against the prophets would not be tolerated.

The APHC’s appeal underscores the ongoing tensions and human rights concerns in the volatile region of Jammu and Kashmir, urging global intervention to address the situation and ensure the release of detainees.


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