Arab Parliament Denounces Brutal Israeli Occupation Forces Bombing of UN Schools in Gaza

Mon Nov 20 2023
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CAIRO: The Arab Parliament has strongly denounced the Israeli occupation forces for the brutal bombing of the UNRWA’s Tal Al-Zaatar and Al-Fakhoura schools that claimed hundreds of martyrs and injured, in a new blatant violation added to the series of Israeli violations against civilian population in Gaza, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Sunday.

In a statement, the Arab Parliament described the bombing of schools and hospitals housing hundreds of displaced persons to be another war crime that needs international probe and bringing its culprits accountable.

War on Gaza

It also represents a clear violation of global and humanitarian laws, the statement maintained.

The Arab Parliament called on world, human rights and humanitarian groups, the UNSC and the United Nations (UN) for continued pressure on the occupying power to halt the massacres, the war machine, and bloodshed, the SPA maintained.


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