Armeena Khan Breaks Down in Tears Over Plight of Premature Babies in Gaza

Sat Nov 18 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistani actor and model Armeena Khan expressed profound grief and sorrow over the distressing news of premature babies being removed from incubators at Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital due to power supply issues.

In an emotional Instagram post, Armeena broke down in tears as she shared her heart-wrenching reaction to the plight of these vulnerable infants amidst Israeli forces’ brutalities against innocent Palestinian civilians.

“That news about premature Palestinian babies just wrecked me. My entire life has been turned upside down, it is like I woke up one morning and started living my worst nightmare. I try to make the best of most days and help wherever I can but I am beginning to lose hope in humanity,” Armeena wrote, alongside a video capturing her emotional response.

Armeena Khan Calls Attention to Heartbreaking Situation in Gaza

As a mother of a premature child herself, Armeena expressed the anguish of knowing that these babies would cry without anyone to comfort them or attend to their needs. She called attention to the heartbreaking situation in Gaza, emphasizing the innocence of the children who have done nothing wrong.

In her plea for help and mercy, Armeena prayed for the protection and well-being of the Palestinian infants, urging for a miracle amid the ongoing conflict. The actor questioned how people in Palestine endure their daily lives amid the war and severe scarcity of basic necessities.

The Gaza crisis has entered its 42nd day, with reports of continued Israeli aggression resulting in the loss of thousands of Palestinian lives, including children. The situation at Al-Shifa Hospital has been exacerbated by power cuts, leading to the tragic death of patients.

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