Athens Will not Send Leopard Tanks to Kyiv: Minister

Fri Apr 07 2023
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ATHENS: Greece has promised military aid to Kyiv for “as long as it takes” but authorities cautioned that the country requires to keep much of its Russian-made weaponry for its own defensive requirement.


Ukraine Minister for Defense Affairs Oleksii Reznikov visited Athens on Thursday as part of regular interaction with officials from NATO nations. The Minister was promised more small arms and artillery ammunition shipments, access to hospitals in Greece for injured troops and infantry fighting vehicles.

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said that they will provide support to Kyiv at this crucial stage of the conflict.

In press conference, Nikos Panagiotopoulos said that they will continue to provide support to Ukraine.

Military authorities said that Greece has provided military trainers for Ukraine’s special troops and tank operators, as a contribution to the military assistance effort led by the US and its allies.

Moscow, which had traditionally close relations with Athens before the conflict in Ukraine, for several years had been a supplier of weapons to the NATO nation, including the S-300 air defense missile system. Russian has singled out Greece for criticism over its support for Kyiv.

“We would not provide any assistance that could compromise its own defense”, Greece Defense Minister said. We would not provide Leopard tanks to Kyiv, the minister said.

Ukraine Defense Minister said that Greece had offered support to Kyiv to better integrate its navy force with NATO.

“After this war, after the victory of Kyiv in this war, together with our allies we will continue to develop our defense abilities,” Reznikov said.

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