Attack Foiled, Two Terrorist Killed in Karachi: Officials

Fri Apr 19 2024
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KARACHI: Local officials said that a terrorist attack was foiled in Landhi Mansehra Colony at the metropolitan city of Karachi. According to local media an explosion took place in Landhi Mansehra Colony at the metropolitan city of Karachi, targeting a vehicle en route to the export processing zone. Local media reported that prompt action by law enforcement agencies thwarted the attack, resulting in the death of two terrorists.

Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Malir, Tariq Mastoi said that all foreign nationals in the vehicle have been safely shifted to safe and secure location.  Local media reported that three people have been injured in the explosion. It added that one vehicle and a motorcycle were also damaged in the attack.

Law enforcement agencies have swiftly cordoned off the site and started a comprehensive probe into the incident, aiming to apprehend any remaining culprits and prevent further violence.

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