Australian Pilot, Two Passengers Released After Brief Kidnapping in Papua New Guinea

Mon Feb 26 2024
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SYDNEY: An Australian pilot and two local workers who were abducted at gunpoint in the remote area of Papua New Guinea on Monday have been released just hours after their capture, police confirmed.

The incident occurred when the helicopter pilot and passengers landed at a telecommunications site near Mount Sisa in Hela province. They were kidnapped by an armed group.

Papua New Guinea police commissioner David Manning stated that negotiations with the armed group led to the safe and unharmed release of the captives. Police did not specify whether they had used violence against the kidnappers.

This abduction took place in the same province where nearly a year ago, an Australian archaeologist and two Papua New Guinean researchers were taken and held captive for over a week until a ransom was paid.

The foreign ministry of Australia did not immediately respond to a request made by Reuters for comment.


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