Balochistan CM Highlights Efforts to Peace and Development

Sat Feb 24 2024
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QUETTA: Balochistan’s Caretaker Chief Minister Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki on Saturday said that the interim government was diligently striving to maintain good, carrying out its duties for carrying out day-to-day official operations as well as the mandate of holding fair and transparent elections in the province.

Addressing a dinner held in honor of department secretaries and the Inspector General of Police Balochistan, CM Domki acknowledged the significant challenge of restoring peace in the region, given Balochistan’s unique circumstances distinct from other provinces.

He highlighted the provincial government’s successful implementation of strategic initiatives aimed at providing essential services such as health and education, particularly in remote areas lacking basic infrastructure, to promote socio-economic development.

CM Domki credited the caretaker government, along with dedicated senior officers, for alleviating public grievances by completing pending projects and ensuring peaceful elections amidst extraordinary circumstances.

Highlighting the completion of various public projects including the Quetta development package and rehabilitation efforts in flood-affected districts, he reiterated the government’s commitment to addressing the needs of Balochistan’s population.

Furthermore, CM Domki urged efforts to counter illegal activities hindering the progress made in resolving public issues and advancing Balochistan’s development agenda. He emphasized the importance of collective participation in the traditional system to ensure positive outcomes for the province.

Commending the officers’ positive contributions, particularly in facilitating peaceful elections and restoring sustainable peace, CM Domki expressed appreciation for their dedication to public service and project completion in Balochistan.

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