Bella Hadid Loses Major Contract Amid Launch of New Brand

Wed Feb 28 2024
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NEW YORK: Supermodel Bella Hadid has reportedly lost a major contract with cosmetics giant Charlotte Tilbury, just as she gears up for the release of her own wellness brand.

According to the latest report from Entertainment Tonight, Hadid was released from her contract with Charlotte Tilbury only eight months after being announced as the face of the beauty brand.

An insider revealed to the outlet that Hadid was notified of her contract termination in November, citing “force majeure” as the reason for the abrupt decision.

The exact cause behind the termination remains undisclosed, leaving fans and industry observers speculating about the sudden move.

Charlotte Tilbury Welcomes Bella Hadid

This development comes as a surprise considering the warm reception Hadid received from Charlotte Tilbury herself in a promotional video released last year. In the video, Tilbury expresses her delight at having Hadid on board, to which the model reciprocates with affectionate words.

The video in question starts with the make-up artist claiming, “Bella, darling! I’m so happy you’re here.”

In response to this affectionate welcome, the 27-year-old model responded, “Charlotte, darling! I’m so happy to be here with you, I love you.”

In legal terms, “force majeure” refers to a contractual provision that excuses both parties from fulfilling their obligations in the event of extraordinary circumstances that prevent performance.

For those unversed, force majeure is a provision in a contract which liberates both parties from obligation if an extraordinary event directly prevents one or both parties from performing.

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