Biden to Consult Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Ahead of G7 Summit

Fri May 19 2023
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ISLAMABAD: US President Joe Biden arrived in Japan on Thursday to meet privately with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida ahead of the Group of Seven summit.

Kishida’s home city Hiroshima would host the conference of big industrialized countries. The summit in Hiroshima, where the United States dropped the first nuclear bomb in 1945 during World War Two, carries newfound resonance as Japan, US, and their allies strategize on dealing with Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that Russian aggression looms large, and would be a considerable conversation during the gathering, AP reported.

Summit to discuss Ukraine war

He said that there would be a conversation about the war. The G-7 leaders would work to eradicate any loopholes in sanctions to maximize their effects.

He further said that the US-Japan alliance was at genuine highs today.

Sullivan added that Joe Biden and Kishida will focus on consolidating a relationship that has advanced in the last 2 years. They would discuss every dimension of the alliance, whether it is military, economic or the recently concluded deal on clean energy.

Last year, Joe Biden visited Tokyo to discuss Indo-Pacific strategy and establish a new trade framework for the area, with both leaders engaging in an 85-minute tea discussion and seafood dinner.

Kishida was quick to speak about the risks of nuclear-power Russia attacking Ukraine last year.

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