BNA Commander Surrenders, Exposes Indian Funding and Sabotage Activities

Wed Dec 20 2023
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QUETTA, Pakistan: Sarfraz Bungalzai, leader of the banned Balochistan Nationalist Army (BNA), along with 70 members, on Wednesday announced their decision to lay down weapons and integrate into the national mainstream.

Bungalzai expressed regret for his past actions and revealed that India was the sole financier behind the separatist cause in Balochistan.

Bungalzai, who assumed command of BNA after Gulzar Imam Shambay, disclosed India’s involvement in training and funding individuals engaged in sabotage activities in Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan.

He emphasized the destructive impact of India’s propaganda on Balochistan, citing a tragic terrorist incident in 2009 that claimed the lives of 155 innocent people.

Having served in the provincial food department from 1991 to 2009, Bungalzai highlighted the deceptive targeting of Baloch women through propaganda, leading some to join terrorist groups. Contrary to this trend, he urged parents to recognize that guns would not solve problems and advocated for education as the key to achieving aspirational dreams.

Jan Achakzai, the provincial information minister, also addressed the press conference, directly attributing India for orchestrating nefarious propaganda against Pakistan and engaging in sabotage activities. He stressed the urgent need to neutralize this poison and expose the true enemy responsible for destabilizing the region.

This development marks a crucial step in counteracting external influences aiming to disrupt peace and stability in Balochistan, with Bungalzai’s surrender shedding light on the extent of India’s involvement in supporting separatist movements in the region. The surrender of BNA members signifies a positive move towards national unity and security.

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