Buttler Says to Learn from Errors as England Struggle

Sat Dec 23 2023
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LONDON: Jos Buttler, the England captain, affirmed his dedication to learning from errors and remains resolute in persisting within his leadership role, notwithstanding a recent downturn in performance. Following England’s exit from the 50-over World Cup and subsequent losses in Twenty20 and one-day international series against West Indies, Buttler acknowledged facing challenging moments but expressed no significant doubts regarding his capability to lead the team. Reflecting on the recent World Cup, he admitted it as a significant disappointment in his career.

“But after you let the dust settle there’s huge motivation and determination to have another crack and just keep going. That desire still burns strongly.”

“It’s important you learn and get better and try not to make the same mistakes. It’s the same for my own game as a player, I want to just get better and better and I feel like I’ve still got higher levels to reach.”

After England’s T20 series loss to West Indies last Thursday, coach Matthew Mott highlighted the valuable lessons learned as they gear up for the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup. Buttler, echoing Mott’s sentiments, expressed optimism for the World Cup next year, noting the team’s display of excellent cricket throughout most of the series.

“We all wanted to win the series and it’s hard to say when you’ve lost, but I think we’ve found out some good things. Obviously some players have stood up and done really well.

“We’ve had five games out here in the Caribbean and had a really good look at what conditions will be like for the World Cup only six months away. So yeah, it’s been a good series.”

In May, England is scheduled for a sole four-match series against Pakistan before heading to the United States and West Indies in June to defend their T20 World Cup title.

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