Canadian PM Asks Israel to End Killing of Babies in Gaza

Wed Nov 15 2023
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OTTAWA: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday called upon Israel to stop killing of women, children, babies in the besieged Gaza Strip, Western media reported.

Canada has always voiced its concern over the increasing death toll in the enclave, where local health officials say 11,320 people have been killed since the conflict began on October 7.

Prime Minister Trudeau asked the government of Israel to show maximum restraint. The PM went on to say the world is watching, on TV and on social media what is happening over there.

He said the world is hearing the testimonies of doctors, survivors, family members, kids who have lost their parents.

Trudeau at a news conference in British Columbia said that killing of women, children and babies must stop.

Lives of 36 babies are in danger at Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital

The lives of 36 babies are in danger at Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital and according to medical staff there was no clear mechanism to move them from the medical facility enriched by Israeli forces.

Three of the 39 premature babies have already died since Gaza’s largest hospital ran out of fuel used to power generators that kept their incubators functioning.

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He said that around 350 Canadian nationals, permanent residents and family members had been evacuated from Gaza.

Last week Trudeau stressed for a humanitarian pause in the war to allow the release of all hostages and the delivery of humanitarian aid to address civilian needs.

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