Celebrating National Voter’s Day: A Call for Civic Participation and Democratic Strength

Thu Dec 07 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Today marks the celebration of National Voter’s Day, a significant occasion dedicated to emphasizing the importance of civic participation and the exercise of the fundamental right to vote. Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja, in his message on this auspicious day, extended a heartfelt appeal to the citizens, urging them to recognize the power vested in their votes and to contribute to shaping a brighter future for the country through active participation in the democratic process.

Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja highlighted the pivotal role of the electorate, emphasizing that the collective power of votes lies in the hands of the people. He encouraged citizens to approach the voting booth with a sense of responsibility, considering not only their own interests but also the future of their children.

Underscoring the Election Commission’s unwavering commitment to upholding constitutional and legal obligations, Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja assured the public of the Commission’s dedication to conducting transparent and peaceful elections. The completion of the printing and delivery of the final election lists signifies a crucial step in the preparatory phase.

Looking ahead, Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja announced that the Election Commission is poised to issue notifications for District Returning Officers, Returning Officers, and Assistant Officers in the coming days. The forthcoming election schedule, to be revealed shortly, marks another milestone in the journey toward fostering a democratic and participatory governance system.

As the nation observes National Voter’s Day, it serves as a reminder of the shared responsibility to safeguard the democratic principles that underpin the nation’s progress. The call to exercise the right to vote resonates as a cornerstone of democratic strength, with each citizen contributing to the collective voice that shapes the nation’s destiny.

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