China Accuses US and Japan of Smearing and Attacking During Summit

Thu Apr 11 2024
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BEIJING: Beijing on Thursday sharply criticized the United States and Japan, accusing them of “smeared and attacked” China during a Washington summit where US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced their countries’ most significant defense tie upgrade.

During the summit on Wednesday, Biden and Kishida outlined plans to restructure the US military command in Japan, marking the most substantial change since the 1960s with the aim of enhancing readiness against potential threats, particularly a Chinese incursion into Taiwan.

While Biden emphasized that the military enhancements were purely defensive, he has openly expressed his intention to forge alliances aimed at countering Beijing’s influence.

In response to Kishida’s visit and the defense tie upgrade, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning criticized the US and Japan for their remarks on Taiwan and maritime issues, characterizing them as interference in China’s internal affairs and breaches of international norms.

Mao emphasized China’s strong opposition to these actions and underscored the importance of not targeting or harming the interests of other nations or undermining regional peace and stability.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Kishida emphasized the critical role of the Japan-US alliance in upholding regional peace and democracy, particularly in light of China’s growing assertiveness.

Mao reiterated China’s stance that the Taiwan issue is an internal matter and emphasized China’s sovereignty over the islands and adjacent waters.

Later on Thursday, Biden is scheduled to host the first trilateral summit between Japan, the Philippines, and the United States, aimed at supporting Manila amid tensions with China.

The intensified military activities and diplomatic engagements underscore the escalating strategic competition in the Indo-Pacific region as countries seek to navigate China’s expanding influence and safeguard regional stability.

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