China launches new satellites to enhance BeiDou navigation services

Fri Dec 29 2023
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Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Sichuan Province, southwest China – Dec 26, 2023 (CCTV – No access Chinese mainland)
1. BeiDou-3 satellites being launched
2. Animation of satellite launch
3. Various of screen showing progress of launching
4. Various of staff applauding, armbands

“With the implementation of the three-step plan of the BeiDou [system], we can proudly say that China has fully achieved the strategic goals for the development of BeiDou: first, to solve the experimental problems, then address the problem of regional coverage, and finally, become global. Now we are working on installing more functions on BeiDou satellites, so our goal in the new era is to build a more ubiquitous, more integrated and more intelligent system as President Xi said,” said Xie.

Courtesy: – AMSP.Link

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