China-Pakistan Building Materials Collaboration Gains Traction

Mon Dec 25 2023
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BEIJING: The Linqu Building Materials Special Session, as part of the 2023 Weifang International Procurement Festival, held in Linqu, Shandong, served as a platform for international representatives to forge connections.

Tahir Zaman Muhammad, CEO of Eagle Star Supply Chain and a prominent Pakistani business representative garnered significant attention during his participation in the event.

Expressing his gratitude for the invitation, Tahir remarked, “I am honored to participate in this prestigious event. The organization of procurement festivals within industrial clusters provides an excellent opportunity for me to connect with outstanding and reliable suppliers,” as reported by China Economic Net (CEN).

Tahir also underscored the increasing interest and potential for collaboration between the building materials industries of China and Pakistan. Linqu City, known for its abundant resource base, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and comprehensive supply chain, produces in-demand products such as ceramics, glass, cement, and steel, both domestically and internationally.

The event provided valuable insights into Linqu’s significant influence and introduced Tahir to several high-quality building material enterprises. “I am impressed by the thriving building materials industry in Linqu,” he expressed.

Given Pakistan’s rising demand for building materials due to rapid urbanization and infrastructure development, the collaboration holds promise. Pakistan’s expertise in areas like marble, granite, and textiles aligns well with potential opportunities for partnership with Linqu’s building materials sector.

“I am determined to engage in further negotiations for future collaborations. My goal is to introduce more potential partners to Linqu, fostering increased cooperation and contributing to the strong friendship between China and Pakistan,” affirmed Tahir.

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