China Says Would be ‘Serious Mistake’ if Argentina Severs Ties

Tue Nov 21 2023
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BEIJING: In the aftermath of Argentina’s recent presidential election, the Chinese foreign ministry issued a stern warning, cautioning against a “serious mistake” in the nation’s diplomatic strategy if it were to sever ties with major countries such as China or Brazil.

China, a pivotal trading partner for Argentina, holds significant importance in the eyes of the South American nation’s elected government.

Spokesperson Mao Ning emphasized the strategic importance of China-Argentina relations during a routine news conference, highlighting the depth of economic and diplomatic ties between the two nations. The Chinese stance comes in response to remarks from Argentina’s newly elected president, Javier Milei, a right-wing libertarian, who openly criticized China and Brazil during his campaign.

Milei, known for his anti-communist stance, pledged not to engage with “communists” and expressed a preference for strengthening ties with the United States. The comments have raised concerns in Beijing about a potential shift in Argentina’s foreign policy and the prospect of strained relations with key trade partners.

China’s warning underscores the delicate balance Argentina must navigate in its international relations, balancing ideological preferences with the economic and diplomatic realities of its partnerships. As the diplomatic landscape evolves, the global community keenly watches how Argentina’s new leadership will shape its international alliances and engagements.

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