China-US: Pompeo Claims Beijing Wants World Dominance

Fri Feb 03 2023
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WASHINGTON: Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed on Thursday that Chinese President Xi Jinping is determined on world dominance. He told Sky News that President Xi wants Chinese economic and political dominance in every part of the world.

China-US ties

Pompeo said that Russian President Putin believes in greater Russia and he has no illusions about his capacity to dominate the world. However, Chinese President Xi Jinping believes he is going to dominate the world, Mike Pompeo remarked.

Pompeo accused President Joe Biden of being weak and permitting the war in Ukraine. Pompeo has rejected suggestions Biden is acting as a leader to represent the West in his response to the Ukraine attack. 

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A US government official said that Mike Pompeo can’t prove whether Russian President Putin would have attacked Ukraine had Trump been in the White House. It added that they do know that Trump’s foreign policy eroded trust of partners, and Joe Biden repaired that. The official claimed that the US President has shown important leadership on Ukraine.

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