China’s Xi Hails Ties with Indonesia During Prabowo Subianto’s Visit

Mon Apr 01 2024
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BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed ties with Indonesia on Monday, laying out a vision for regional peace as he met president-elect Prabowo Subianto. The encounter comes against the backdrop of tensions with other Southeast Asian neighbors, highlighting the importance of fostering strong ties in the region.

Prabowo’s visit marks his first trip to a crucial trade partner since securing victory in the recent elections. China stands as one of Indonesia’s primary sources of foreign direct investment, with substantial investments pouring into various projects across the archipelago nation.

During talks held in Beijing, President Xi conveyed that the bilateral relations between China and Indonesia have entered a new phase characterized by the joint construction of a community with a shared future. He emphasized China’s commitment to deepening comprehensive strategic cooperation with Indonesia, envisioning a partnership that wields regional and global influence to benefit both nations and contribute positively to regional and global peace and development.

Chinese investments, particularly in sectors such as nickel extraction, have drawn attention in Indonesia, sparking concerns over labor conditions and wages. However, landmark projects like Southeast Asia’s inaugural high-speed rail line, backed by significant Chinese funding, have also underscored the depth of collaboration between the two nations. President Xi hailed the rail initiative as a symbol of high-quality cooperation between China and Indonesia.

The warmth exhibited during the meeting stands in stark contrast to China’s strained relations with several other Southeast Asian countries, notably the Philippines, amid territorial disputes in the South China Sea. President Xi emphasized the importance of strategic independence, mutual trust, and fairness in fostering strong ties with Indonesia, calling for mutual support in safeguarding sovereignty, security, and development interests.

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