Chinese Tropical Resort City Registers 1,365 Yachts In 2023

Sat Dec 30 2023
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SANYA, China: Sanya, a tropical seaside city in the Hainan Province of south China, boasted 1,365 yachts overall in 2023, with the addition of 228 newly registered this year.

According to data from the city’s maritime affairs bureau, as of December 20, the yachts in Sanya had sailed 149,700 journeys and hosted over 1 million tourist trips throughout the year.

These figures represent a substantial increase of 68.52 percent in the number of journeys and an impressive 84.66 percent surge in tourist trips when compared to the statistics from 2022.

Projections indicate that the total number of tourist trips facilitated by yachts in Sanya for the year 2023 will surpass the historical record of 1.05 million. —Xinhua/APP

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