Click Here to Discover Cities of LATTAKIA, ALEPPO, TARTUS‎, DARAA of Syria

Fri Feb 23 2024
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LATTAKIA: Here, we are going to introduce you regarding historical cities of Syria. Let start from Lattakia. It is a major Syrian city located on the Mediterranean Sea, it is a significant port playing a key role in the exports and imports for Aleppo.


Lattakia 1 Lattakia

As we talking about Aleppo, so I wish to share with you about the historical importance of this city as well.


Situated at the crossroads of dozens trade routes from the 2nd millennium B.C. You can find 13th-century citadel, 12th-century Great Mosque, several 17th-century madrasas, caravanserais, and palaces.


Aleppo 1 Aleppo


Tartus is located on the Mediterranean coast of Syria. It is the 2nd largest port city in Syria. The population is around 458,327.


Tartus 1 Tartus


Daraa is the southernmost city of Syria near the border with Jordan and a major midpoint between Amman and Damascus. You can discover a lot in the city.



Daraa Daraa 1

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