Death Toll in Gaza War Surpasses 12,300

Sun Nov 19 2023
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GAZA:  More than 12,300 Palestinians including children and women have been killed in Israeli brutal bombardment in Gaza, local officials in the besieged enclave said on Saturday.

Officials said over 5,000 children and 3,300 women were killed in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli aggression. It maintained that more than 30,000 people were wounded in Israeli brutal strikes in the Gaza Strip Since October 7.

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As per media reports, over 80 innocent Palestinian people, mostly children and women, were killed on Saturday as Israel targeted the Al-Fakhura school, administered by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), situated in the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza. The UN school was being used as a shelter for those Palestinians displaced by the ongoing Israeli offensive.

Gaza Death Toll Surpasses 12,300 Amid Israeli Bombardment

The brutal Israeli forces targeted the UN-run Al-Fakhura school as it was being used as “a shelter” for people displaced by the ongoing Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The aftermath of the bombing revealed horrifying scenes, with rooms and hallways filled with the lifeless bodies of innocent Palestinians, including children.

In a statement, the local officials said the Israeli occupation forces have also committed about 1,270 massacres in the Gaza Strip. As per media reports, about 200 health workers, 22 civil defense officials and around 51 journalists were also killed in the assaults.

Earlier in a statement, the government media office in Gaza said, “The Israeli attack has forced about 25 hospitals and around 52 health care centers out of service, while 55 ambulances were attacked by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip,”.

Thousands of buildings, including mosques, hospitals, and churches, have also been destroyed in the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

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