Dry Fruits, Fried Fish Demand Spikes in Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi

Tue Nov 22 2022
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ISLAMABAD: The demand for delightful foods such as fried fish, soups, tea, and dry fruits has increased in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, and Karachi after a sudden decline in temperature in the country. 

Dry fruits, fried fish, tea stalls in different parts of the country

Fried fish and dry fruit

Many stall owners sell these foods at various markets across the country and they are attracting scores of customers, especially youth.

A tea seller in Peshawar said that winter is the ideal season for his business as with the drop in temperature, a large number of customers visit his tea stall to enjoy tea and breakfast in the city.

Similarly, a local of Islamabad at a fish point said that he visited the fish point to order fish because it helps to decrease the effect of cold weather. He said that he and his family especially children mostly visit this fish point to order seafood.

A shopkeeper selling halwa puri (traditional breakfast) in Rawalpindi said that traditional breakfast remains the favorite delight food during this season.

Health experts’ view on foods

Fried fish and Dry fruit

A lady, who was buying, soup at a market in Karachi said, “I cannot prevent myself from buying soup when I see it while going home from the playground.” Murad Ali, a shopkeeper in Quetta said that winter is the perfect season to sell his products, especially dry fruits. He said that people from all sections of society visit his shop to buy dry fruits.   Many health-related research studies suggest that soup, dry fruits, and fish must be consumed by people as preventive steps to save themselves from cold during winter.

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