ECP Central Office Islamabad Terms Video Circulating on Social Media as Fake

Wed Feb 07 2024
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ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday responded to a video circulating on social media claiming to show ballot papers being stamped, labeling it as fake.

A spokesman for the Election Commission of Pakistan in Sindh categorically rejected the authenticity of the video. He emphasized that the video, which allegedly shows the stamping of ballot papers, is fabricated and misleading.

The spokesman pointed out that the ballot paper shown in the video prominently displays the symbol of a bat, which has not been assigned to any political party participating in the upcoming general elections 2024. This discrepancy underscores the fraudulent nature of the video.

Expressing concern over the dissemination of false information, the spokesman urged the public to refrain from sharing such misleading content on social media platforms. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity and transparency of the electoral process and cautioned against the spread of misinformation that could undermine public trust in the electoral system.

ECP Finalizes Arrangements for General Elections

The Election Commission of Pakistan has finalized arrangements for the general elections on February 8 (tomorrow), establishing a total of 90,675 polling stations across the country.

According to details provided by the ECP, these polling stations are distributed with a focus on gender inclusivity, with 25,320 designated for men and 23,952 for women. Additionally, 41,403 joint polling stations have been set up to accommodate both male and female voters.

In Punjab, the most populous province, a total of 50,944 polling stations have been established. Of these, 14,556 are designated for male voters, 14,036 for female voters, and 22,352 are joint polling stations.

In Sindh, 19,006 polling stations have been set up, with 40,443 designated for male voters, 40,313 for female voters, and 10,250 as joint polling stations.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has 15,697 polling stations, with 4,810 for men, 4,286 for women, and 6,610 joint polling stations.

Meanwhile, Balochistan has a total of 5,028 polling stations, with 1,511 for men, 1,317 for women, and 2,200 joint polling stations.

The general elections are scheduled to take place tomorrow, February 8, Thursday, with polling stations open from 8 am to 5 pm. The ECP has completed all necessary arrangements, and polling staff have been provided with the requisite materials for conducting the electoral process.

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