Election Momentum Builds in Swabi District as Candidates Submit Nomination Papers

Sun Dec 24 2023
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SWABI: As the electoral landscape heats up, Swabi district witnesses a flurry of activity as candidates submit nomination papers for upcoming elections in two national and five provincial constituencies. The democratic process is in full swing, with diverse candidates vying for representation in various legislative bodies.

In the National Assembly Constituency NA-19 Swabi-I, notable contenders include Maulana Khalil Ahmad Mukhalis, a former MNA affiliated with the JUI ideological group, Miraj Humayun, Dr. Shireen, and Dr. Fazal Elahi from PTI. The competitive spirit is evident as candidates put forth their credentials to secure the support of the electorate.

Moving to NA-20 Swabi-II, candidates such as Maulana Mufti Naveed Haqqani of JUI, Irfan Sher of PTI, and Maulana Hussain Ahmed Haqqani of JUI are actively participating in the electoral process. These constituencies reflect a vibrant political landscape with diverse candidates representing different ideologies.

In Provincial Assembly Constituency PK-50 Swabi-2, contenders like Imtiaz Zeb from JUI and Sardar Ali, a former MPA, along with other candidates, showcase the diversity of choices available to voters. The democratic exercise is further enriched by the participation of individuals from various political backgrounds.

Constituency PK-51 Swabi-III witnesses a mix of candidates, including Mustajab Khan Advocate, Maulana Shahabuddin, Maulana Habib Rahman, Qari Sher Ali, Dr. Asif Ali, and Ijaz Ali Advocate from Jamaat-e-Islami. The political spectrum in Swabi reflects the array of voices contributing to the democratic dialogue.

In PK-52 Swabi-IV, candidates like Haji Zibar Azad, Syed Manwar Shah from PTI, Haji Burhanullah of Qaumi Watan Party, and Maulana Mufti Naveed Haqqani from JUI exemplify the democratic ethos of inclusivity. The diversity of candidates adds depth to the electoral process, allowing voters to choose representatives aligned with their values.

As the electoral landscape unfolds in Swabi district, the democratic spirit remains vibrant, with candidates from various political affiliations actively participating in the nomination process. The upcoming elections hold the promise of shaping the region’s representation at both the national and provincial levels.

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