Electric Bus Service Launched to Connect Masjid-e-Nabavi and Madinah Airport

Fri Apr 07 2023
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RIYADH: A new electric bus service connecting the Masjid-e-Nabavi and Madinah airport was launched on Thursday. Regional governor Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, inaugurated the service, which is expected to provide more than 16 trips daily over 18 hours.

Electric Bus Service Launched in Madinah 

The electric bus service is highly efficient and can travel a distance of 250 kilometers on a single charge via a dedicated track that connects the two sites. The track is 38 kilometers long. The service is expected to join the Madinah Buses fleet, which is supervised by the Al-Madinah Region Development Authority.

The new service features an advanced air conditioning system, display screens showing journey details, and seats allocated for people with special needs. It is also expected to enhance the service received by residents and visitors of Madinah, and reduce pollution.

The new electric bus service is a part of the Saudi government’s efforts to promote sustainable transport and reduce emissions. It is also in line with the country’s Vision 2030 plan, which aims to diversify the economy and reduce dependence on oil.

The launch of the electric bus service was welcomed by residents and visitors alike, who praised the initiative for its environmental benefits and convenience.

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