Ethiopian Tourism Desk Inaugurated at Karachi Feast

Fri Dec 22 2023
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KARACHI: Governor of Sindh Muhammad Kamran Khan Tessori and the Ambassador of Ethiopia to Pakistan, Jemal Beker Abdula jointly inaugurated the Ethiopian Tourism Desk at Karachi Feast on Friday.

This grand occasion, set to conclude on December 24, is being attended by a diverse audience, including Honorary Consul Ibrahim Tawab members of the diplomatic corps, government officials, media, the business community and representatives from civil society.

The Ethiopian pavilion, gave a captivating display of country’s multifaceted culture, unparalleled tourism offerings, rich heritage and was a testament to the strong bond of friendship between Ethiopia and Pakistan.

Karachi, Governor, Ethiopia, Karachi Feast, Ethiopian Airlines, UNESCO, Culture, Tourism, Heritage

Governor Tessori, talking to media, emphasized the longstanding ties between the two countries, rooted in shared history, culture, values and religion.

He lauded Ambassador Abdula for his tireless efforts in fortifying the bilateral ties, noting the active presence of the Ethiopian Embassy in Pakistan despite being opened just a year ago.

Moreover, the governor thanked the government of Ethiopia for starting Ethiopian Airlines operations to Karachi which played a vital role in connecting Pakistan with the whole African continent.

Karachi, Governor, Ethiopia, Karachi Feast, Ethiopian Airlines, UNESCO, Culture, Tourism, Heritage


Governor seeks to further enhance ties with Ethiopia

The governor expressed commitment to further enhance ties between the two countries to new heights.

Ambassador Abdula, in his address, said the Ethiopian Embassy had effectively brought Africa closer to Pakistan through the commencement of Ethiopian Airlines flights to Karachi.

Describing Ethiopia as a land of breathtaking beauty, picturesque landscapes, lakes, mountains, abundant natural resources and over 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the ambassador asked the people of Karachi to savor Ethiopian taste through Ethiopian coffee by visiting the tourism desk.

The Ambassador said that this experience would serve as a bridge connecting them with their ancestral roots, stressing that Ethiopia is the land of King Nejashi and Bilal Habeshi.

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