EU Regulator Rules Out Connection Between Suicidal Thoughts and Weight-loss Drugs

Sat Apr 13 2024
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AMSTERDAM: The European Union (EU) drug regulator found no evidence that weight-loss drugs are connected to suicidal thoughts, local media reported on Saturday.

The regulator stated that no updates were needed to the treatments’ product information following reviewing the current evidence. The latest finding comes following EMA extended in December its review into weight-loss and drugs to take more data from drug producers to further probe the issue.

The probe started in July following Iceland’s health authorities flagged 3 cases of patients thinking regarding suicide following using Novo’s drugs.

The review focused on medicines that contain certain types of compounds. Heightened suicide dangers have caused watchdogs to issue strong warnings on obesity drugs in the past, with Sanofi’s Acomplia, which never won American government approval, being withdrawn in Europe in 2008 after being connected to suicidal thoughts.

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