Expert Asks Citizens to Wear Masks to Prevent Spread of ‘Pneumonia’

Tue Jan 23 2024
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ISLAMABAD: A health expert has urged the public to wear face masks and bolster their immune systems to reduce the risk of contracting the ‘Pneumonia virus.’

The month has seen a notable increase in pneumonia cases among children in Punjab, particularly those with weakened immune systems. Speaking to a private news channel, Child Specialist Dr. Ibrahim Yousaf emphasized that ‘Pneumonia’ can be averted through immunization, proper nutrition, and addressing environmental issues.

Dr. Yousaf recommended adopting diets that enhance immunity to combat seasonal diseases, opting for organic foods, and managing such issues through home remedies. Individuals with severe conditions, especially persistent fever, should promptly contact doctors. Dr. Yousaf stressed that pneumonia is a lung infection, necessitating preventive measures at all levels to safeguard children’s lives.

Highlighting the significance of timely vaccination in reducing child mortality, he suggested preventive measures like maintaining a healthy diet, promoting mother’s milk, and ensuring clean hands to protect against various diseases. Dr. Yousaf emphasized adopting preventive measures to shield children from pneumonia.


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