Farooq Abdullah Emphasizes Meaningful India-Pakistan Dialogue for Regional Peace

Sun Dec 31 2023
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JAMMU: National Conference President Farooq Abdullah has underscored the significance of a meaningful dialogue between Pakistan and India for the sake of regional peace.

Speaking to the media in Shopian, Abdullah stressed that peace is unattainable unless both countries engage in constructive talks. He pointed out the futility of past wars, stating that they did not alter borders and emphasizing that wars, if waged, would inflict the most suffering on the people of Kashmir.

Expressing regret over civilian killings in Poonch, Abdullah emphasized that combating terrorism requires the support of the people and harming civilians is counterproductive. He called for avoiding the repetition of such incidents. Abdullah highlighted the plight of those injured in critical condition, stating that they were primarily poor individuals doing menial jobs, now facing the challenge of rebuilding their lives with fractured bodies.

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In an earlier statement in Poonch, Farooq Abdullah urged the expeditious restoration of statehood to occupied Jammu and Kashmir along with the prompt holding of Assembly elections. He expressed concern over the delay in the electoral process, urging authorities to understand the people’s expectations. Abdullah emphasized the need for elections, considering that the last ones were held in 2014, and people have been eagerly awaiting another opportunity to vote.

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