FBISE Announces Intermediate, Second-Year Annual Exam Results

Fri Dec 22 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) Islamabad has announced the results of the Intermediate Second Annual examinations.

The overall success ratios for the 11 and 12 classes were disclosed, with noteworthy accomplishments and statistics.

For the 11th class, the enrolment of 56,643 students resulted in 45,008 successful candidates, yielding an impressive success rate of 80.64 percent, according to the FBISE. In the second annual examination of 2023, 1,030 students participated, achieving a success rate of 37.02 percent. Out of the 57,673 students who took part in the eleventh-class examinations, 45,366 successfully passed, contributing to an overall success ratio of 79.99 percent.

Shifting the focus to the 12th class, the second annual examination of 2023 saw 721 enrolled students, with 570 students attaining success, reflecting a success rate of 75.10 percent. The detailed results are now available on the board’s official website, and students can also check their outcomes by sending an SMS with their roll number.

In an official announcement, FBISE Chairman Qaisar Alam extended congratulations to all successful students. These results signify the culmination of their hard work and dedication. As the academic journey continues, the FBISE remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering educational excellence and encouraging students to achieve new heights.

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