FBISE Introduces Swift Degree Verification Process

Sat Nov 18 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Students waiting in long queues for certified degree verification can obtain verified documents in just minutes as cutting-edge machines operating similarly to ATMs are currently functional in Islamabad.

The Federal Board of Secondary Education (FBISE) Islamabad has streamlined the once cumbersome degree verification process, making it a swift and convenient experience.

To facilitate the people, the Federal Board has introduced advanced machines, which will function like ATMs, to digitize the degree verification process. These devices enable students to finalize the entire procedure within a few minutes.

A student, Ahmed Kamal, showed satisfaction over introducing these machines and said that it would make the process more accessible for students, allowing them to apply online and receive verified documents promptly.

He said that the self-service machines are time savior, highlighting the drastic reduction in the time it takes to verify their degrees.

Ahmed remarked, “Previously, the verification process took considerable time, but now we can complete it in just fifteen minutes. It’s incredibly convenient for us as students; we can now handle the process independently, without needing the help and assistance of our parents.”

Another student, Maria Bibi, praised the self-service-oriented degree attestation service and said the Federal Board’s forward-thinking initiative establishes a benchmark for other educational boards and institutions nationwide.

The education sector resonates with a call to adopt innovative solutions, advocating for a transition to more efficient and student-centric processes.

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