FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Pakistan Team Coach Hopeful for Victory Against Tajikistan

Mon Nov 20 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan football team coach Stephen Constantine has said that the national team is committed to giving their best in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers next match. 

Pakistan will play its second match in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers group stage against Tajikistan, scheduled for November 21 at the Pakistan Sports Complex in Islamabad.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, Constantine emphasized the importance of every game in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers and stated that the team would not take the upcoming matches lightly. 

During a press conference, he was joined by attacking midfielder Otis Khan, who highlighted the resurgence of football in Pakistan.

He mentioned missed opportunities in scoring goals against Saudi Arabia and acknowledged that the team, relatively new to FIFA World Cup qualifying, had played three qualifying matches so far.

Pakistan Football Team Aims High in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 

Responding to questions, he affirmed the team’s intention to play a strong game against Tajikistan and strive for victory. He recognized the significance of the match, especially considering Pakistan’s limited history in international football. Constantine referenced the team’s unexpected victory against Cambodia in a crucial match and stressed the need for more matches to improve Pakistani football. He advocated for the initiation of football leagues in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Tajikistan football team coach Petar Segrt commented on the warm welcome received by the team upon arrival in Pakistan. He anticipated a tough match between the two teams and said that the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers match would be important for both Pakistan and Tajikistan. 

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