Foreign Weapons in TTP’s Hands: Pakistan Faces Escalating Security Threat

Sun Dec 31 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Recent intelligence reports confirm the presence of foreign weapons, including M4 Carbine and Ak-47, on Pakistani soil, traced back to Afghanistan. The Pakistan Army, engaged in a prolonged battle against the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for the past two decades, is grappling with the consequences of these arms finding their way into the hands of terrorists.

A crucial intelligence-based operation on December 29 in the Mir Ali area of North Waziristan resulted in the elimination of five terrorists, including Rahzeeb Khore, a prominent commander. The recovered weaponry, consistent with previous incidents, highlights the TTP’s access to arms left behind by the United States in Afghanistan.

This discovery echoes a concerning pattern of attacks involving foreign-made weapons. Incidents such as the attack on Zhob Garrison in July 2023, the Mianwali Air Base attack in November 4, and the Daraban area attack in December 12, underscore the persistent threat posed by these weapons. Night vision goggles and modern American rifles have been utilized in recent attacks against Pakistani security forces.

Moreover, the interception of a vehicle on December 13, carrying onion sacks concealing modern American weapons from Afghanistan to Pakistan, raises questions about the Afghan Transitional Government’s commitment to preventing the use of such arms against neighboring nations.

The alarming surge in terrorism in the region over the last two years is linked to the massive cache of weapons left behind by the US military in Afghanistan. The Pentagon revealed that 427,300 combat weapons were delivered to the Afghan military, with 300,000 remaining at the time of the US withdrawal.

The implications of these foreign weapons falling into the hands of terrorist organizations extend beyond the TTP, pointing to broader concerns about Afghanistan serving as a safe haven for various militant groups. As Pakistan grapples with this escalating security threat, the international community faces renewed challenges in ensuring stability in the region.

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