French Performers Lead Silent March in Paris for Peace in Gaza

Tue Nov 21 2023
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PARIS: French performers, including actors Isabelle Adjani and Emmanuelle Beart, led thousands of people in a silent march through central Paris, advocating for peace in Gaza amid Israeli brutalities against innocent Palestinians.

Holding olive branches and white banners, the diverse group of participants, representing various religious and ethnic backgrounds, marched from the Arab World Institute to the Museum of Art and History of Judaism.

Nadia Fares, one of the marchers, emphasized the importance of not taking sides or fostering hatred, expressing a desire to balance the global cacophony with the silence observed during the march. The call for peace comes amid weeks of protests and tensions in France against Israeli actions in Gaza.

Efforts for Ceasefire in Gaza

The French government, led by President Emmanuel Macron, has been actively involved in diplomatic efforts to broker a truce, allowing humanitarian aid to reach Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Macron has spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and other regional leaders, affirming support for Israel’s right to defend itself while denouncing the civilian losses in Gaza.

Macron expressed concern about violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and called for renewed diplomatic efforts toward a two-state solution. The silent march in Paris follows previous rallies and protests in major cities worldwide, reflecting the international community’s engagement with the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Over the weekend, thousands of pro-Palestinian and left-wing activists rallied in Paris and other parts of Britain, echoing the global call for a ceasefire.


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