Friends of Kashmir International Hosts Conference on Kashmir Solidarity Day in Texas

Mon Feb 05 2024
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TEXAS: Friends of Kashmir International organized a conference on Kashmir Solidarity Day in Dallas, Texas, on Monday. The event saw active participation from the vibrant Pakistani and Kashmiri communities residing in the state.

The distinguished gathering, led by social leader Abdul Hafeez Khan, paid homage to the resilient people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) for their unwavering struggle for the right to self-determination.

In his speech, he strongly denounced India’s unilateral and unlawful actions in the region and said that the atrocities committed by India cannot silence the Kashmiris in their demand for basic rights, as guaranteed in the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

Ghazala Habib, Chairperson of Friends of Kashmir, brought attention to the grave human rights violations in Kashmir, urging the global community to take notice and intervene to prevent the ongoing genocide of the Kashmiri people.

She highlighted the perilous game played by Modi’s government and said that Kashmiri leaders are currently unjustly imprisoned under inhumane conditions.

Asher Shahzad, Deputy Consul General of Pakistan in Houston, reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to raising the Jammu and Kashmir issue on international platforms, including the United Nations and the Human Rights Council. He pledged Pakistan’s unwavering diplomatic, moral, and political support for the fair struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

During the conference, Haq Khan presented a comprehensive report on the situation in IIOJK, providing valuable insights into the challenges faced by the Kashmiri population.

Sikh For Justice Leaders Join Kashmir Solidarity Day Conference

Leaders of “Sikh For Justice” also participated in the conference, with Gurdar Singh expressing solidarity between Sikhs and Kashmiris in their shared struggle for freedom. 

Singh emphasized the resilience of living nations against accepting slavery, asserting that through sacrifices, Kashmiris and Sikhs will liberate themselves from oppression and occupation by India.

Mayor Steve Babick of Carrollton, Texas, attended the conference, affirming America’s commitment to human rights and expressing a desire for peace worldwide. He commended the mutual respect and tolerance that define the true beauty of American society.

Peggi Steve conveyed hope for the establishment of peace in Kashmir, praising the dedicated efforts of Friends of Kashmir in raising awareness and advocating for justice.

Representatives from Kashmir and Pakistan, including Barkat Basheer, Karn Hayat, Iqbal Hassan, Asif Khan, Mazhar Kashmiri, Zubaida Khan, Khushi Mohammad, and others, voiced their concerns about the brutal Indian atrocities against innocent Kashmiri civilians. 

They reiterated their commitment to continuing their efforts for the right to self-determination and called upon the United Nations to actively engage in resolving the Kashmir issue for lasting peace in the region.


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