From Riyadh to Gaza: KSA’s Holistic Response to Palestinian Humanitarian Crisis

Sun Nov 19 2023
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Naveed Miraj

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By Naveed Miraj

Amidst the ongoing Israeli military onslaught in Gaza and other Palestinian territories, the commitment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) extends beyond diplomatic initiatives, as evidenced by its significant role in providing humanitarian aid to the distressed and oppressed Palestinians.

Riyadh, Gaza, KSA, Palestinian Humanitarian Crisis, Arab-Islamic summit, "SAHEM", Gaza, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, OIC

Apart from hosting Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh, earlier this month to voice a strong and unified response to the Israeli aggression, the KSA has launched a public campaign through the “SAHEM” platform, an initiative under the King Salman Centre for Relief and Humanitarian Action (KSrelief) to provide relief to the Palestinian people. The Saudi leaders personally have contributed over $13 million to the fundraising campaign, with King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud donating $8 million and Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Salman contributing $5 million. This reflects their continuous solidarity and historical role in supporting the Palestinian people during various crises.

Riyadh, Gaza, KSA, Palestinian Humanitarian Crisis, Arab-Islamic summit, "SAHEM", Gaza, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, OIC

The Kingdom is sending tons of relief items through the air bridge while reportedly it is also studying the possibility of operating a sea bridge as per the need and speed of arrival. The KSrelief team has held coordination meetings in Cairo with a number of aid agencies and organizations to discuss delivery of Saudi aid to the Gaza Strip. This highlights the meticulous planning and collaborative efforts being undertaken to ensure the efficient delivery of Saudi aid to the Gaza Strip.

KSA’s Launches Public Campaign to Provide Help to Palestinians

The urgent need for such assistance is paramount, given the dire circumstances prevailing in Gaza which have worsened under Israeli strikes. The Palestinians are grappling with severe shortages of essential items, including medicines, water, and fuel. The Saudi initiative also manifests a deep understanding of the pressing requirements on the ground.

Riyadh, Gaza, KSA, Palestinian Humanitarian Crisis, Arab-Islamic summit, "SAHEM", Gaza, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, OIC

The timely and robust response from Saudi Arabia becomes a beacon of hope, emphasizing the global solidarity and collective action to address the pressing humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people.

The multifaceted approach, addressing both diplomatic and humanitarian aspects, is crucial in alleviating the immediate suffering of the Palestinian people and paving the way for a sustainable solution to the crisis. While humanitarian aid is crucial, a lasting solution to the crisis requires a cessation of hostilities on the part of Israel. The ongoing military operations have not only caused significant harm to the Palestinian population but also hindered the delivery of essential aid. The international community must recognize the urgency of the situation and work collectively to ensure the cessation of hostilities, enabling effective aid delivery and laying the groundwork for the reconstruction of Palestinian territories.

Greater responsibility rests with the UN Security Council and important capitals especially Washington to play their genuine role in bringing an end to Israeli hostilities in Gaza while rising above any expediency. The first and foremost priority should be the protection of innocent Palestinians.

Looking ahead, once hostilities cease, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as well as other countries should establish a joint fund for both immediate relief and the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure in Palestinian territories. Collaborative efforts can play a pivotal role in rebuilding communities and providing long-term stability to the affected areas.

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