Gaming Industry in Disarray as Rockstar Games Faces Major Data Breach

Tue Dec 26 2023
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PARIS: The leading studios in the gaming industry are grappling with substantial data breaches as Rockstar Games, renowned for the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, became the latest victim facing a major data leak.

According to reports from Sportskeeda, YouTuber SKizzle disclosed on X (formerly Twitter) that the complete source code of GTA 5 has been publicly leaked. The leaked data also includes information related to Bully 2 and the next GTA title, codenamed “Project Americas.”

SKizzle substantiated the revelation by sharing a screenshot of the leaked GTA 5 source code, revealing that Rockstar was working on a potential sequel to the acclaimed Bully video game.

Reports on X indicate that the source code was disseminated through an undisclosed Discord server to prevent the further spread of the leaked data.

Major Data Breach in Gaming Industry

A fan known as “Agent” played a role in the GTA 5 source code leaks, sharing images of Rockstar Games’ RAGE engine on X. However, this post has since been removed.

While the source code and footage of GTA 5 were leaked last year, they remained undisclosed until now, posing a considerable data loss for Rockstar Games and potentially impacting current and future players of the series.

Concerns are growing among online gaming enthusiasts regarding potential delays for the much-anticipated GTA 6, given the sensitive nature of the leaked source code.

Rockstar Games has yet to officially address the leak, urging fans to acknowledge the hard work put into game development and refrain from spreading the leaked source code further.

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