Gold Rates Up By Rs 1,800 to Settle at Rs 238,900 Per Tola in Pakistan

Wed Apr 03 2024
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ISLAMABAD: The hawkish temperament of the precious metal still doesn’t want to cool down as the price of the precious metal in the international market is going up and up with new historic highs affecting the local market. On Wednesday, the said hawkish effect took, the price of 24 karats of gold to further increase of Rs1,800 to reach at Rs238,900 against its sale at Rs237,100 on the previous day.

Meanwhile, the rates for the 10 grams of 24 karats of the yellow metal also went up by Rs1,543 and was available in the market at Rs204,818 against the last day price of Rs203,275 and 10 grams of the 22 karats of gold went up to Rs187,750 against the last day price of Rs186,335. 

The price of per tola silver also observed an increase by Rs.10 to settle at Rs.2,610 whereas that of ten grams of silver increased by Rs.8.57 to close at Rs.2,237.65.

Gold Price in International Market

Like the major catalysts, the international market of gold remained highly volatile during the last couple of days as on Wednesday, the price of the precious metal went up by $17 to settle at 2,290 from the last day’s price of $2,273 per ounce.

During the last couple of days, the yellow metal in the international market witnessed a major increase that affected most of the bullion markets in the world. After this mega increase, its price increased by more than $170 per ounce during the last two weeks. The Price of the precious metal in the local bullion market is mostly affected by the price in the international market.


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